Our Radiation Team

Our center is staffed by oncologists, nurses, technicians and administrators who bring a collaborative blend of expertise in cancer care methodologies to maximize your experience. We work closely with your referring physician to determine the best method of treatment for each patient.

Your Radiation Therapy team consists of highly trained physicists and dosimetrists, who manage the physics behind each radiation treatment session by using sophisticated planning software to shape radiation doses and beams to precisely target tumors and leave healthy tissue undamaged.

Dr. MOrrellRosalyn Morrell, Radiation Oncologist

RosaRosa Ramirez, Radiation Therapist

VinceVince Tran, Radiation Therapist

LisaLisa Lopez, Licensed Vocational Nurse

SuzySuzy Delgado, Patient Navigator

TrishTrish Abrahamian, Office Manager

SunshineSunshine Pagapatan, Patient Scheduler

Sara Jeihooni, Physician Liaison

Sophia Navarrette, Physician Liaison

Samira Jeihooni, Regional Director